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I'm so glad you are here to learn all about hair extensions and what they could do for you and your confidence!

Let's get started with a little information about my education in extensions.
In March of 2021 I became certified in Invisible Bead Extensions(IBE). In the fall of 2021, I enrolled in two of the Master Courses with IBE. I then attended an in person all day Tech Intensive class in Utah April 2022. 


Invisible Bead Extensions are a bead base extension using hand tied weft or smart wefts to create the desired look. They are a more permanent extension meaning they are attached to your hair and require maintenance every 6-10 weeks as they grow with your hair. Extensions can be great for adding thickness or a small amount of length (1-3 inches) with One Row. Extensions can add more thickness and length with Two and Three Row installations. I will decide what is best for your goals and hair type at your in person consultation, this varies drastically per individual. I only use hair of very high quality, this is very important to me that you get longevity out of your investment. 

I recommend a consultation to decide if extensions are the proper fit for you. I first have you fill out an online digital consultation form, located at the bottom of this page. This is basic information and a few photos to initially decide if you could be a potential client for the hair extensions I offer. After your approval of the digital consultation form you will schedule your Extension Consultation.  This is where we discuss color and length options as well as your lifestyle around having hair extensions. Hair extensions can give you an easy change in length and color as well. It's a great way to add pops of lighter pieces without the coloring of your own hair. There are just so many endless options!


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