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I am very passionate about giving my clients the low maintenance hair they have always envisioned.

If you are looking for a soft, blended color with a soft growout you are in the right place! 

I specialize in giving my clients a softened, subtle, natural look that will give them longevity between appointments. 

All new clients must fill out a digital consultation form, this is located in any of the linked buttons under all of the sessions. 

*I am currently accepting new color clients.


Color Session Guide

New here? This little guide will help you decide what service is the proper one to book.
Please remember all new clients must fill out my Digital Consultation Form located in a 'Click Here' button. This will need to be filled out before any appointment can be booked.
All sessions include a haircut as needed,

The sessions Refresh, Upgrade and Complete include a toner and root shadow as needed.

Image by Sarah Dorweiler


  • Has your blonde become brassy? 

  • Are you a brunette who needs a little refresh between colors?

This is for you!

(AKA: Toner)

This appointment is a gloss/toner application. If you are looking for a 'haircut only' service, we can do a clear gloss that will add shine without shifting your color during this session.

Price: $140

Duration: 1hr 15min

*prices subject to change depending on length and density

Image by Igor Son


  • Are you looking to cover those grey roots? 

  • Naturally blonde, but have always followed those brunette dreams and now you need a touch up! 

This is for you!

(AKA: Root touch up only)

This appointment is for a root touch up only. A solid color that matches your natural or is darker than your natural. This is NOT a highlight touch up.

Price: $170

Duration: 2hrs

*prices subject to change depending on length and density

Image by Annie Spratt


  • Looking to refresh that all over color? This sessions includes the root touch up with the same color pulled through to the ends.

  • Root retouch with just a few foils around the hairline or on top (up to 15 foils).

  • Partial highlight touch up only (without a grey root cover)

(AKA: Partial Highlight, All Over Color OR Root Retouch with Hairline Highlight)


Duration: 2hrs 30min

*prices subject to change depending on length and density

Image by Chris Lee


Are you looking for more of a drastic change?

  • Looking for all over brightness (all over highlight)

  • Looking to go back to your natural more (reverse balayage)

  • It's time to embrace your natural grey hair, start blending it instead of covering it up.

This is for you!

(AKA: Full Highlight, Balayage, Foilayage, All over color and highlight)

Price: $275

Duration: 3hrs 30min

*prices subject to change depending on length and density

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